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Merano Marcello Gambadoro Il salone verde

Our dental surgery offers:

  • Dentistry

    treatment of all types of caries, pulpits, necrotic teeth and dentinal sensitivity; all types of restorations in gold/ceramic, zirconium, whole ceramic

    for fillings, crowns and bridges of 3-4 elements in whole ceramic, even on single implants
  • Extractions

    deciduous teeth, impacted teeth, wisdom teeth, cysts
  • Endodontics

    canal therapy and retraining
  • Prosthesis

    fixed and removable, complete and partial, on natural teeth and implants; whole ceramic, zirconium, lega/ceramica, gold-ceramic prostheses; computerized dentures and digital imprint
  • Orthodontics

    fixed and removable, for adults and children, presurgical; orthodontic intercourse
  • Implants

    one stage and two stage placement procedures, immediate implants - temporary and permanent - and small maxillary sinus elevations; collaboration with a chief of Oral Surgery for extensive bone reconstructions, or GBR; Conscious sedation service - in the practice - for very extensive surgery, patients with a particular health picture or phobic patients
  • Radiology

    dental panoramic radiology and CBCT, with 3D equipment in the practice
  • Oral surgery

    impacted teeth, wisdom teeth, frenulectomy
  • Pedodontics

    treatment of children's dental problems
  • Oral hygiene

    standard and with courettage, small periodontal surgery, seals
  • Cosmetic dentistry

    dental bleaching and tooth jewelery

tooth 46: Replacement of an amalgam filling with cerec inlay

tooth 46: Replacement of an amalgam filling with cerec inlay caries at tooth 36 with full ceramic Cerec filling

tooth 46: before and after Cerec filling upper incisors, ceramic bridge, before and after (Rovatti Gianluca dental lab)

tooth jewelery made of crystal fully ceramic cerec crowns, before and after

fully ceramic cerec crowns, before and after gold/ceramic bridge on implants in the lower jaw (Rovatti Gianluca dental lab)

gold/ceramic bridge on two implants in the maxilla (Rovatti Gianluca dental lab) five lateral implants in the lower jaw: prosthesis on stirrup; large odontoma in the sinphysary area replacement of an old bridge: full ceramic supply in the frontal area (Teknoprogress dental lab) lingual bridge on lower implants (Rovatti Gianluca dental lab) overdenture with bracket, immediate load (Rovatti Gianluca dental lab) digital imprint (Rovatti Gianluca dental lab) odontoma on the lingual side in the lower jaw: torn

zirconium crown on implant 37, immediate load (Rovatti Gianluca dental lab) X-ray depicting two impacted wisdom teeth, then extracted impacted canin lower left, orthodontically repositioned current orthodontic case removable braces (Postir Elena orthodontic lab) removable braces (Postir Elena orthodontic lab) ended orthodontic case

Computerized fillings - in ceramic or other materials, customer's choice - can also be made, as well as replacement of old composite or amalgam fillings, or single crowns, in a few hours; while small bridges of 2/3/4 elements can be carried out within a few days, whether in ceramic or gold/ceramic or zirconium.

Our dental surgery is also available for emergency services - with both traditional and digital radiology - provisional care, extractions, reconditioning of bridges and crowns, prescriptions of antibiotics or drugs, and more.

Upon request, a specialist anesthesiologist for conscious sedation can be present in the practice, for high surgery or immediate load interventions for multiple implants.

chirurgia orale

For foreign patients we're able to offer a Russian translation service - by appointment only - included in the price.

For all customers from outside of Merano, on request, we may search for accommodation according to specific requests and wishes.